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  • 1. What is the difference between 5 Days Deo for men and 5 Days Deo for women?

    There is no difference - the content in the two versions is identical. However, since people prefer to identify themselves through their sex, we have made a version in blue for men and a version in pink for women.

  • 2. Does it really last 5 Days ?

    Yep...that's why we use the name 🙂

  • 3. Does 5 Days Deo contain parabenes?

    No. 5 Days Deo is completely free from parabenes.

  • 4. If it works for 5 days, the ingredients must be very harsh, right?

    Not necessarily. With 5 Days Deo it is the combination of safe ingredients that gives the long lasting effect. 5 Days Deo is NOT harmful to your body and has been approved by Astma-Allergy Denmark.

  • 5. Does 5 Days Deo have a scent ?

    No, 5 Days Deo are completly natural. You can combine with other perfume or deoderants to obtain scent.

  • 6. How long does a bottle of 5 Days Deo last?

    At normal use, i.e. every 5th day, one bottle lasts about 5 months.

  • 7. How can 5 Days Deo be safe and still last for 5 days at a time?

    5 Days Deo works by eliminating the bacteria on the skin while locking the pores in their normal size, i.e. they take a diameter as with normal sweat secretion. However, the absence of bacteria is the main reason you become free from sweat odor, in that it is their excrements that smell.

  • 8. Does that mean I don't have to wash any more?

    No. You should shower and wash as usual during the 5 days - the effect stays the same.

  • 9. Does 5 Days Deo close the pores?

    No, 5 Days Deo only reduces the pores' diameter without closing them, so your body's normal emission of heat and elimination of waste matter remains unchanged.

  • 10. Which ingredients does 5 Days Deo contain?

    5 Days Deo contains the following ingredients:
    Isopropyl Alcohol
    Aluminum Chloride Hydrate
    Aluminum Chloride
    Propylene Glycol
    Ethylhexyl glycerine
    Peg-12 Dimethicone

  • 11. Can I use 5 Days Deo, if I'm allergic to alcohol?

    5 Days Deo contains alcohol, so if you are allergic to alcohol, we recommend that you don't use the product.

  • 12. Does 5 Days Deo reduce the production of sweat?

    Yes. In addition to neutralizing the bacteria environment, 5 Days Deo also reduces the production of sweat.

  • 13. Why doesn't 5 Days Deo have a scent?

    5 Days Deo has been developed exclusively to stop body odor, and thus there is no reason to add a scent.

  • 14. Does 5 Days Deo contain alcohol?

    Yes. 5 Days Deo contains 36% alcohol and it should not be used by people allergic to alcohol.

  • 15. Can I risk sting or reddening of my skin?

    5 Days Deo contains 3 skin protecting ingredients: glycerine, propylenclycol and alcloxa. The only ingredient that could cause sting or reddening is alcohol. If this happens, you can rinse your skin with cold water immediately after application.

  • 16. Will 5 Days Deo dry my skin?

    No. 5 Days Deo contains moisturising ingredients.

  • 17. Does all odor really go away?

    Yes. All undesirable odor disappears.

  • 18. Can I use 5 Days Deo in the morning?

    Yes, but you should be aware that this can lead to reduced effect. 5 Days Deo works best, if it has been applied in the evening before bedtime, as it will be absorbed by your skin and do its work during the night. If applied in the morning, this process is weakened because you are active during the day and perhaps also sweating.

  • 19. Can I use 5 Days Deo more frequently than every 5th day?

    Yes, of course, and for some it will even be necessary.

    90% of the interveiwed consumers report that 5 Days Deo keeps them free from body odor for 5 days. For the remaining 10% the effect lasts between 3 and 7 days. If you belong to this group, you can of course use it more or less frequently. Should you not remember if it's been 4 or 5 days since last application, or if you just want to be sure, you can of course use it a day earlier.

  • 20. How can I achieve the best benefit from 5 Days Deo?

    5 Days Deo works best when applied before bedtime.

    Wash your armpits thoroughly and apply 5 Days Deo. If necessary, use your fingers to rub any excess liquid in to the skin. During the night 5 Days Deo will neutralize the bacteria environment and thus remove the reason for body odor, and this effect will last for about 5 days - depending on how active you are. You can wash and shower as normal the next day.

  • 21. Will 5 Days Deo discolor my clothes?

    No. 5 Days Deo contains no ingredients that discolor your clothes.

  • 22. Can I use 5 Days Deo on other parts of my body?

    Of course, you can. However, we recommend for this purpose that you use 5 Days Deo Feet & Body. This is the spray version, and it is particularly suited for areas of your body like the crotch, under the breasts and on the feet. The content of these two product versions is identical.

  • 23. How long will an application of 5 Days Deo keep me free from body odor?

    A correct application and normal physical activity will keep you free from body odor for 5 days. However, please be aware that people are different and thus some will be free from body odor for 3 days - others for 6 days.

  • 24. Can I use 5 Days Deo together with perfume or other deodorants?

    Yes, because 5 Days Deo is odorless. Your perfumes or other fragances even appear more clearly and even last longer, since there is no body odor that must be drowned out.

  • 25. What should I do if 5 Days Deo doesn't seem to work?

    If 5 Days Deo does NOT seem to work:
    Be sure to follow the instructions and apply 5 Days Deo in the evening before bedtime, so it can work overnight.

    Ensure that it isn't your blouse that smells of old sweat. Your clothes can smell of old sweat, even after machine wash.

    If you want to be absolutely sure that the sweaty odor is gone, you should soak you clothes in disinfectant overnight.

    Try using 5 Days Deo 2 days in a row to be absolutely sure that the bacteria environment has been neutralized. This is only needed one time.

    5 Days Deo doesn't inhibit all production of sweat, so you can still sweat. However, you will smell clean.

    For the vast majority 5 Days Deo works for 5 whole days - on some even longer, but for others only 3 days.

  • 26. Has 5 Days Deo been tested on animals?

    No. 5 Days Deo has only been tested on humans

  • 27. Can I use 5 Days Deo if I am pregnant?

    Yes. You can use 5 Days Deo even if you are pregnant.

  • 28. Don't you think that 5 Days Deo is a little expensive?

    Actually, no. It can seem like a lot of money to pay the regular price of $39.95 US for a deodorant, but at normal use, that is app. every 5th day, one bottle lasts for 5-6 months, which amounts to about $7.26 US pr. month or $0.23 pr. day.

  • 29. Is it possible to obtain samples?

    No, but we will refund your money, if you are not satisfied. The effect of 5 Days Deo is scientifically proven, so your risk of buying a useless product is minimal.

  • 30. What should I do if I want to return the product?

    Please submit a support ticket with your request, and we will send you the instructions on how to return the product.

  • 31. Are there any guarantee ?

    Please submit a support ticket with your request, and we will send you the instructions on how to return the product.

  • 32. What clinical studies have been made of this product's effect?

    We have contracted the endorsed and independant company Statcon Aps in Kokkedal, Denmark to study 5 Days Deo.

    Here is a summary of the study:
    100 bottles of 5 Days Deo was given to 100 persons, who all knew that during the day, they would smell of sweat, unless they used a deodorant. 50 of the bottles contained 5 Days Deo, while the other 50 bottles contained 5 Days Deo without the active ingredients. The 100 test subjects applied the deodorant occording to the instructions and should report one of three statements daily:
    A There was no body odor
    B The body odor was highly reduced
    C The level of body odor was normal

    The study was conducted over a span of 10 days, i.e. 2 terms of 5 days each. The deodorant was applied again in the evening on the 5th day.

    The result:
    91.7% of the persons who had the 5 Days Deo with the active ingredients reported that throughout the 5 days there was no body odor, while 93.7%of the other group reported that they smelled of sweat. This result clearly shows that 5 Days Deo works.