The history behind 5Days DEO

The history behind 5 Days DEO

The creator of 5 Days DEO is Chiropractor Claus Greiffenberg.

Claus finished his education as Chiropractic in 1996 and since then he has taken dozen additional courses and educations regarding body and health functions.

His grandfather was pharmaceutics and he specialized in skin disorders and he was creating ointments that would make wounds heal faster.

In 2008 Claus got the idea. He knew that the natural sweat is odourless and it is the bacteria that causes the smell to have odour. Claus thought that if he could neutralize the bacteria then the sweat would be odourless for everyone.

 5 Days DEO was born with unique formula that is so harmless that Astma Allergi Danmark has approved the product right away.

 In 2010 the product was launched to the biggest Danish cosmetic chain – MATAS.

It quickly became a MUST HAVE item in all the MATAS shops.

 Since then the snowball effect has started and more and more companies has started to sell 5 Days DEO which made this product well-known and popular in Denmark.