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5 Days DEO for men 30 ml. Roll-on

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5 Days DEO for women 30 ml. Roll-on

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5 Days DEO Feet & Body 30 ml. Spray


5 Days DEO

The creator of 5 Days DEO is Chiropractor Claus Greiffenberg. Claus graduated from Chiropractic College in 1996.

5 Days DEO was created with unique formula that is harmless. Therefore, the Danish Asthma and Allergy Association approved the product right away.

How does it work ?

Sweat itself does not fact smell. The familiar smell of body odour comes from normal active skin bacteria breaking down the sweat secretions released from the sweat glands.

In short, 5 Days DEO eliminates the active bacteria in your armpits and prevents them from thriving the next 5 Days. 

No active bacteria = No sweat odor.

5 Days DEO contains ONLY safe ingredients. It is FREE from perfume, parabenes, preservatives and other harmful chemicals, making it many times safer to use than ordinary deodorants. 


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5 Days DEO

In 2010 the product was launched in MATAS, which is the largest cosmetic chain in Denmark where it quickly became a “must have” item.

More and more shops in Denmark are now selling 5 Days DEO, including Intersport, Sport 24 and Helsam. Our product is expanding to more countries each year.

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What people say about us ?

"Fantastic product - highly recommended"
Tina Nielsen
Aalborg, Denmark
"Forget about all other products - this works with guaranteed"
Jesper Christensen
Århus, Denmark
"This product is MUST HAVE"

Michael Severinsen
Copenhagen, Denmark

Declared by Astma Allergi Danmark