How does it work ?

Why does the sweat smell?

Sweat itself does not in fact smell. The familiar smell of body odour, comes from normal active skin bacteria breaking down the sweat secretions released from the sweat glands.

Body odour mainly originates from the apocrine glands in the armpits, which release a thick, oily sweat rich in proteins and lipids which bacteria on the skin feed on.

5 Days Deo is based on a brand new ground-breaking technology, that makes your sweat totally odourless up to 5 Days – 100% effective even if you take a shower !

5 Days DEO neutralizes the active bacteria in sweat glands and makes them inactive.

No active bacteria = No sweat odor

By using 5 Days DEO correctly it will make the sweat odourless up to 5 days.

Apply 5 Days DEO before going to bed on the clean and dry armpits so the active ingredients in the product can penetrate the sweat glands during the night. In order to achieve the best possible results we recommend to apply 5 Days DEO before going to bed as your body is not active while you sleep and the product can neutralize the bacteria effectively.

5 Days DEO product has no smell , therefore you are free to use it with your favourite perfume or antiperspirant.

As 5 Days DEO is a Danish product, it has been tested by Astma Allergi Danmark and obtained top score in Consumer Council “tænk kemi

The 5 Days DEO Feet & Body is to be used on the feet, to keep them cool and dry, in shoes, under the breast, and other parts of your body where you feel the need. It even dries out spots!



We are so sure about our product that your satisfaction is guaranteed or else you will get your money back.